Scuttlebutt Investor on Brands – What Charlie Munger told Whitney Tilson about shorting (and at the end you will get a 20% on the … seminars) – Aswath Damadoran on the tech meltdown:  “[…] I am back to being a Facebook shareholder, that I am close to becoming a Google shareholder for the first time and that Amazon and Netflix remain out of my reach.

The profit looks like a series you could watch

Some videos: Monish Pabrai at Peking University – Value School: Pavel Begun (3G Capital) and Tim Sanderson (Sanderson Asset Management)

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Venkat Subramaniam on AA PCL – Richard Beddard on Science – WertArt Capital on Sarine Technologies – Clayton Young on the anime industry


Peacock Capital: Monatsbericht März mit der Vorstellung von Green – Aktueller Marktkommentar von Frank Fischer (Shareholder Value Management)

Covacoro mit einem interessanten Update zu seinem Nebenwerteportfolio – Aktien mit Kopf mit interessanten Einsichten von der Datagroup: 123

Links of the week 14 with Covacoro and Peacock Capital
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