Gabelli on Gilead, GroupOn, CarMax and Dana IncorporatedIs Alliance Data System trading at a discount? – Is Dialog Semiconductor interesting?

Fisco Research might be an interesting source for the stock market in Japan – Book review: When the Wolves Bite (on the fight between Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn) – The best kept secret of short selling is to go long, with a long-term orientation – Is TripAdvisor a dangerous investment?More on the shorts at Kase Learning’S Conference

Interesting Value School interviews with Andrew Hollingworth, Sid Choraria and Bob Robotti

Ulrich Rathmann zu Taiwan Semiconductor – Präsentation zur Scherzer & Co. AG Hauptversammlung – Marc Siebel von Peacock Capital ist Short für Tech- und Biotechaktien – covacoro berichtet von der Francotyp Postalia Hauptversammlung – Güner Soysal berichtet von der Freenet Hauptversammlung – Börsengeflüster zur Erlebnis Akademie

Hendrik Leber im Portrait bei Institutional Money – Frank Fischer zur Marktlage – Rentablo zu Wertpapierkrediten – Max Otte Fonds mit einem Portfolioupdate:

Links of the week 22 – with Bob Robotti, Sid Choraria and Frank Fischer
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