Whitney Tilsons Trani/Value Investing seminar presentation – Hayden Capital on iQiyi (from ValueX Vail) – The Reformed Broker with clever thoughts on Netflix and the economy of cultural goods – Gabelli on Dell – Bridgewater on US Equities and Bonds

Many old records from Berkshire Hathaway Annual meetings – Value and Opportunity on how to Value Invest money with less time available – UK Value Investor on selling shares – Interesting podcast with Modest Proposal

Global Music report 201810 factors to consider when evaluating the potential success of a new marketplace opportunity – Arp Investments on ItalyChina Internet Report 2018

Mensarius Q2 reportMensarius European Equite Q2 report – RV Capital H1 report – Greenwood Investors Q2 Report – Wexboy H1 Update

Der HamsterradBlog zu Blackrock – Preis und Wert mit einem Update zu ProtectorChristoph Kirchner zu den Risken von Netflix – Christophs Aktienkurs zu den FANG Aktien – echtgeld.tv zu Samsung und SodaStream

Max Otte berichtet aus Trani – Stefan Rehder zur “Tech-Blase” – – Der Königsinvestor mit guten Gedanken zum Value Investing Bloggen – Hendrik Leber im Portrait

Aguja zum 1. HalbjahrRubicon Equities Q1TGV Partners Fund Q1

investresearch zu “The Man Who Knew”

Links of the week 28 with Stefan Rehder, investresearch and Mensarius
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