Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend: A review and outlook

Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend: A review and outlook

Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend 2018 in BerlinThe ValueWeekend 2018 will take place in Berlin from September 21 to 23, 2018. From Friday to Sunday we will visit the Berlin company Francotyp-Postalia, discuss the winners and losers of the Green Revolution with Jochen Wermuth of Wermuth Asset Management, debate selected value investing topics in Open Space and have  delicious meals together. If you are interested in the Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend, please contact us on the conference page. We will contact you immediately.

Here we want to help you to get a better picture of ValueWeekend 2018. Therefore you can find here a review of the ValueWeekend 2017 in Stuttgart and a preview of the ValueWeekend 2018.

How many people attended? What were/are their backgrounds?

We had 21 participants in the first edition of ValueWeekend. Currently, almost 60% of the participants from 2017 have re-registered. In Berlin we hope for more than 30 participants in total. With currently 28 registrations we are on the right track.

The backgrounds of our guests are – as in 2017 – different. Some of our guests are professional value investors. The other part are semi-professional value investors who invest according to value criteria in addition to their work or entrepreneurial activity. We are pleased with this diversity of perspectives. This means that we not only have value investing knowledge, but also industry knowledge on site.

Which topics were discussed?

Two topics of the Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend 2018 are already known: During our excursion we will get to know the Berlin-based company Francotyp-Postalia and talk to Jochen Wermuth about “Green Revolution: Winners and Losers”. We will define the next agenda together on Saturday and Sunday in Open Space. Open Space gives us the framework to work on the interests and needs of the participants in a structured form. While the agenda is set for other conferences, we set our agenda together on site. Many topics and companies that have already been discussed at our meetings and in direct exchange will certainly also be present at ValueWeekend 2018. In addition to this fact, the targeted selection of participants also helps to ensure that we have a high level of debate with informed discussion partners.

Theme Clusters of the Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend in Stuttgart 2017

Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend 2017 in StuttgartAt the ValueWeekend 2017 in Stuttgart there were a total of 30 different groups of requests on different topics. A protocol was drawn up for each group of requests, so that all participants had the chance to follow up the results of all groups. Of course we will do it again in 2018. Here you can find the clusters of topics for 2017:

Analysis & Evaluation

  • COROA – Cash operating return on assets
  • How much growth does a value investor need?
  • Management evaluation
  • Assessing the moat correctly
  • When is a security cheap / worth buying?
  • The price is hot – When to get in, when to get out?
  • Cigar Butts – can this still work?
  • Calculate analysis tools/models & returns correctly: How good am I?
  • Questions about the Quick Check
  • Debt equity SWAT

Industries and market segments

  • Automotive – Value or Value Trap?
  • Ideas of German small caps stocks
  • Interesting blockchain investments
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Chinese companies
  • Exotic countries
  • Our economic assessments for the next 1-2 year

Idea generation

  • Superinvestor Portfolios – Who follows whom and why?
  • The winner takes it all
  • Winner takes a lot: cost leader

Portfolio management

  • What works for you in portfolio management?
  • FX Hedging

Self-reflection & Operations

  • Investment Mistakes, Research Process Optimization
  • Psychology of Human Misjudgment
  • Foundation of a GmbH?
  • Time management for part-time investors: exchange of experience

Discussions about companies

There were concern groups across several companies.

Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend

How many and which companies were addressed?

The Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend also provides space for the exchange of ideas about companies. Of course, no investment advice is provided. We use discussions about companies, for example, to further develop strategies, to gain knowledge, to exchange information about investment errors or to improve our own analysis. It is difficult to say how many companies have been mentioned and discussed in our many debates in Stuttgart. It will certainly have been a three-digit number.

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