LTIF von Salmon Farming, Investing in Oil and the mining sector – Streets of Value on Pershing Square Holding – Kenkyoinvesting on Doutor – Forager on Mayer and with an portfolio update – It might be interesting to look at Diebold-Nixdorf and also follow the last conference call

Interesting twitter Thread with stockmarket ideas from the Nordic:

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Base Hit Investing on Investing in China and the circle of competence – A good podcast on investing in farmland and the agricultural sectorHayden Capital Q2 letter on internet companies – Aswath Damodaran with an update on country risk – The Investmentblog on the new accounting rules and the effects on Berkshire – Buy and Hold with the July update (in Spanish) – An interview with C.T. Fitzpatrick from Vulcan Value Partners & Portfolio Management

Q&A with Whitney Tilson and Glenn Tongue

Value Investor Charlie Dreifus in an interview

Das VERUS-Depot im Juli und die spannende Frage: Funktioniert Value Investing noch? – Frank Fischer mit einem Update im August und einem bullischen Ausblick – DJE mit dem Marktkommentar Juli – Hendrik Leber mag Eurofins Scientific

Ein interessanter Podcast zur Leistung von Photovoltaik in diesem Sommer – “Die Sache ist die” stellt die Frage: Sind Algorithmen böse?

Dr. Jörg Huslage von Volkswagen bei ACATIS Value Konferenz 2018

Links of the week 31 with DJE, Hayden Capital and Charlie Dreifus
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