Impact and Value Investor Jochen Wermuth

The Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend is approaching in big steps. It will take place in Berlin from 21 to 23 September 2018. On Friday evening, impact and value investor Jochen Wermuth will discuss the “Green Industrial Revolution: Winners and Losers” with us.

In the run-up to the ValueWeekend we conducted several interviews with Jochen Wermuth of Wermuth Asset Management. Our aim is to bring Value Investors closer to his work and his investment style.

The Green Industrial Revolution

We start our English post with the last part of our interview series, as the other two videos are in German. In this video Jochen Wermuth gives an insight in his ValueWeekend lecture on the “Green Industrial Revolution”. This revolution will also have a strong impact on investors. For Impact and Value Investor Jochen Wermuth, various processes contribute to this revolution. These include, for example, electromobility, the strong reduction in costs for the production of (solar) power and for the storage of energy in batteries. But listen to our last interview to find out more:

Jochen Wermuth on return targets, quality criteria and impact investing

In the second part of our interview series we delve deeper into Jochen Wermuth’s investment approach. In doing so, we get to know the quality criteria that the investor applies to companies. We also find out what return targets Wermuth Asset Management has for investments. In Jochen Wermuth’s opinion, the boundary between impact investing and philanthropy is also made clear in this interview.

For value investors there are a number of helpful tips on how to have a positive impact with your own portfolio. Here – and also in the Shownotes – we have collected further links for you: Carbon Tracker –  Fossil Free Indexes –  The Carbon Underground 200 – The concept of the Carbon Footprint – Exclusion criteria by StorebrandIRIS Standard –  Carbon Disclosure ProjectBloomberg New Energy FinanceSouthpole. With the help of these resources you can increase the impact of your portfolio.

If you can`t follow this German video, we recommend you taking a look at the talk Value Investor Jochen Wermuth gave 2014:

Also this talk he gave 2018 is interesting:

Stages in the life of the Value Investor Jochen Wermuth

In the first part of our interview series, value investor Jochen Wermuth gives us an insight into various stages of his life. On the basis of the years 1988, 1998 and 2008 we take a look at the time in the USA and Russia. We also learn more about Jochen Wermuth’s investment career. In it he managed one of the best performing funds in the world and advised the Pope.

We were also particularly impressed to hear Jochen’s experiences in the oil extraction areas in northern Russia. Jochen Wermuth explains in our German video how these have contributed to extending the value investing approach to include an activist impact investing approach in 2011:

Interview with Value Investor Jochen Wermuth
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