Notes from a Li Lu interview – The New Yorker on Paul Singer

How TripAdvisor changed travel – Interesting report on JD’s culture – Ensemble Capital on Landstar System – value and opportunity: Metro AG – Post mortemiolite Q2 letterTempur Sealy Can Spring 50%

State of Luxury Resale | Midyear 2018 – The Investors Podcast on Investing in Renewables – Dieter Wermuth’s Investing Outlook – Gabelli on Spin-Offs

A short on Pandora:

EasyWisa zu Datagroup – Intelligent Investieren zu Funkwerk – HamsterradBlog zu General Mills

Reimar Scholz zum Q2 2018 – Value-Holdings Europa Fond Halbjahresbericht – PI Global Value Halbjahresbericht

EasyWisa zu ‘Poor Charlie’s Almanack – The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger’ – Assetguard zu Schweden – Reimar Scholz zu zu komplizierten Deals – Preis und Wert zu Inflationsgefahren

Ein interessanter neuer ValueBlog: WahreWerte

Links of the week 33 with iolite parters, Dieter Wermuth and Assetguard
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