The winners of the valueDACH Value Investing Blog Award 2018

The winners of the valueDACH Value Investing Blog Award 2018

As a special highlight, the valueDACH Value Investing Blog Award was presented for the first time this year. The Blog Prize 2018 with a total value of € 1,500 was awarded as an audience prize and a jury prize. In both categories there is first and second place.

Value Investing Blog Award 2018
The jury at work

Our jury consisting of Frank Fischer (Shareholder Value Management), Dr. Hendrik Leber (ACATIS), Hendrik Michels and Tilman Versch (both valueDACH team) jointly decided on prizes of € 500 and € 250 respectively.

Also 500 € and 250 € will go to the winners in the audience voting. 17 blogs took part. From 01 Augst 2018 to 14 September 2018 a total of 650 votes were cast. Thank you very much for participating!

In this article you will find the winners of the valueDACH Value Investing Blog Award 2018. We want to combine the announcement of the winners with a small announcement of valueDACH: We will try to get all our winners in front of the camera and interview them for our YouTube channel. If you don’t want to miss any of the videos, just subscribe to our channel.

The double winner: Intelligent Investieren

Intelligent Investieren

1st place of the jury and the audience: Intelligent Investieren

In a very exciting race, Michael C. Kissig’s Intelligent Investing Blog won first place. The extensive blog captivates with a wide range of offers. Stock market wisdom and the constantly updated watch list are just as much a part of the offering as regular reports on Warren Buffet’s portfolio and, above all, German-language niche-market stocks.

Apart from the high frequency of the contributions also the numerous comments in the Blog are impressing. It is really a strong bundle of Value Investing news and knowledge that Michael C. Kissig offers readers on his blog.


2nd place of the audience:

The team of has made it to place 2 of the audience vote. We congratulate Jonathan, Michael and the other team! Especially exciting is that the blog in this form is not even a year old. The German founding story gives a look at the development since that time. In a short time, numerous stock analyses have been published on the blog that have an impressive depth. Predominantly large companies such as Bayer, BASF or General Electrics were discussed in the blog. But there are also some interesting second-line stocks such as Erlebnis Akademie AG and zooplus in the analyses. We wish you much success and strength for the further development of the site!


2nd place of the jury: Finanzsenf

Finanzsenf, like AlleAktien, is a young blog. Thomas Senf stands behind the blog. He convinced the jury with the depth of his own share analyses in the unusual pdf format. Thus it has it deservedly on place 2 managed. When you read it, you notice that at least 25 hours flow into each analysis. In addition to the analyses, there are also interesting contributions to the tools of the trade of a fundamental investor. We hope that in the future – in addition to the existing works on Tencent, PayPal and Heliad – further analyses will be added to the blog.

Our thanks also go to the other participants

We would also like to thank all the other Value Investing blogs that took part. If you’d like to take another look at the field of participants, you’ll find all the blogs here:

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