We wish you a happy and great new year 2019!

5 books Bill Gates loved in 2018 – A report on the Warren Buffett of Canada – Peridot Capitalist sees buying opportunities – OddballStocks on Buying in this market – A great az16 podcast on How the internet happenedDirty dealings on Amazon’s MarketplaceMSN Money articles by Michael Burry

Chris Mayer with Notes from Value Investing NYC – Siddharth Mehta-Thomas on Nocil – Gabelli on the cloud business – ShadowStock on Build a bear workshop – Glenn Chan on LSXMA

value and opportunity with 22 investment ideas for 2019 – Rob Mahan on 2018 – Kuppy on 2018

Do you consider donating at years end? Take a look at the presentation of the Against Malaria Foundation during IVIC18:

Or enjoy the talk of Prof. Paul Smeets on the of altruism:

WahreWerte zum Verkaufen – Börsengeflüster mit einem Gewinnspiel

Value Share zu Aercap – Finanzsenf mit einer tiefen Analyse zu Facebook – AlleAktien zu Electronic Arts und Cewe – Provinzler aus dem Value Shares Blog mit einem Update

Links of the week 51 with Bill Gates and the Against Malaria Foundation
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