? Recommended: Enjoy the livestream of RV Capital’s 2019 Investor meeting

? A conversation with Howard Marks on history – ? z valor presentation with Leigh Goehring and Adam Rozencwajg (English and Spanish) on oil, copper and uranium – ? A great Joel Greenblatt talk on active & passive investing – AGreenWood Investors on Boiled Frog Prevention

? L2inc with predictions on 2019 and Why the Breakup of the Four Will Never Happen – ? Milken Institute talk How Asian FinTechs Are Redefining Financial Services
?Goldman Sachs: Tech Talk 2019Why Some Platforms Thrive and Others Don’t

Alpha Vulture with a book list – John Hempton with a review of The Myth of Capitalism: Monopolies and the Death of Competition

Q4 letters/year end reports: Curreen CapitalSIAForager – Greenwood Investors – Bill Miller

Daniel Sims on the Local Shopping REIT – Kuppy on Scorpio Tankers – There might be value in UMG/Vivendi/Bolloré – Vitaly Katsenelson on McKesson – GlobalStockPicking with a new holding: Edgewell Personal Care – A portray of RyanAir – Peridot Capitalist with retail observation from Target – Forager on Hong Kong

Léon Kirch and Allan Saustrup Jensen on Value Investing in today’s market and Krones – presented during IVIC18:

? Die c’t zu 10 Jahren Bitcoin – ? Spannende digital kompakt Podcasts mit sevDesk und dm Erbe Christoph Werner – DJE zum Gesundheitssektor – rentablo zu Robo Advisors

? Sehenswert: BWM Jahresbericht 2018 mit Leoni und weiteren Portfolioholdings – ? Ein Fondupdate mit Frank Fischer – Q4 Marktkommentar von BWM – Peacock Dezember Update – ValueHoldings Q4 BriefTGV Partners Fund Investorenbrief 2018 – Der Gehlen Braeutigam Value HI könnte ein interessanter neuer ValueFond sein

HamsterRadBlog zu Bechtle – ValueBlog zu OMV – AlleAktien zu SoftBank und Singtel – katjuscha research zu Ecotel, IVU Traffic und Bains de Mer Monaco – Alan Galecki und Florian König zu LVMH – Johannes Hesche und Hendrik Leber zu Microsoft – Stefan Waldhauser zu Opera

Stefan Riße (ACATIS) zu Value Investing 2.0 und dem AI BUZZ Fund:

Links of Week 54 with Allan Saustrup Jensen and Gehlen Braeutigam
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