? A talk with Horward Marks at Goldman Sachs – ? A very interesting podcast with Eugen WeiHoward Marks new meno – 40+ page notes on “Poor Charlie Almanack” by Charlie Munger – ? a16z Podcast: Stories and Lessons on Sales

The case against Value StocksData update 6 by Aswath Damodaran – John Kingham on Investing in turnarounds, recovery stocks and corporate transformationsIs the Consumer Credit Cycle topping? – Yet Another Value Blog on becoming an “industry expert” and AerCap

A long thesis on GYM Group – ? A short on Michael’s Stores (MIK) – A interesting view on David Einhors portfolio – A long on Sensata technologies – A good read: Steve Gorelik on Facebook – Maynard Paton on Games Workshop ? Gabelli TV on Facebook and RollinsA list of interesting spinoff ideas by Mario Gabelli – Pound of the Rock on Rimini Street (RMNI) – LG’s musing is Swiping Right On InterActive Corp
Reminiscences of a Stockblogger on MYnd Analytics

Sequoia Q4 letterWiedower Capital Q4 letter (with Trupanion and JD)A dropbox full of Q4 letters

Ein Interview mit Jochen Wermuth “Kapitalimus kann das Klima retten”
Value Shares zum Erneuerbare Energien Sektor

Finanzsenf zu Bewertungskennzahlen & Branchen – Der DIY Investor zu Cash

EM Value Q4 Letter – AlleAktien zu Adobe – Der DLF zu Baidu und Facebook – Bavarian Value zu Disney

Wieso nutzt Frank Fischer (Shareholder Value Management AG) Behavorial Finance und Charttechnik in seinen Fonds? Die Antworten findest du hier:

Links of the week 56 with EM Value, Frank Fischer and Mario Gabelli
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