Robert Vinall (RV Capital) is one of the best investors we know. With the Business Owner Fund he has achieved an annual return of 18.5% since 2008. This was not the only reason why we were particularly pleased to be able to do an interview with him.

Robert Vinall

Our interview with Robert Vinall is divided into three sections. The first section is in German. The other two sections we did in Rob’s native language – English. The German part of our interview was about getting to know the value investor and his approach better. In the first English section we talked about the importance of personality in the interview. In the second English part he gave us very open information about his process.

How has his investment style developed over the last 10 years?

In our first section you can get to know Robert Vinall. If you don’t speak German, we recommend reading his latest RV Capital letters to get to know him. In the video we look back at his development over the past 10 years. You can learn what he would say to young Rob Vinall if he could travel back 10 years with the time machine to meet him. Rob Vinall also tells us what value investors have influenced him and what advice he gives to young investors at the beginning of their careers. For further advice you can also have a look at his Emerging Manager Meetings.

What personalities is Robert Vinall looking for?

Rob Vinall has his very own investment style, which places great emphasis on the personality of the management. How he came to this approach is revealed in the second section of our interview. It also makes clear what role personality plays in investment success. For Rob it is a key to achieving attractive long-term returns.

What’s Rob Vinall’s investment process like?

In the third and last section of our interview we talked about Robert Vinall’s investment process – from beginning to end. Where do his ideas come from? How does he decide that a company is worth its time? When does it even come into question as an investment? For instance, that’s what he tells us in this interview section. He also discusses when to buy and when to sell. He also shares exciting thoughts on details and mechanisms with us.

What can you learn from Value Investor Robert Vinall?
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