Value Investor Jeremy Grantham has named it as a “Race of our Lives“: Adapting to the challenges of the climate crisis, which must go hand in hand with a comprehensive decarbonization of all areas of life. Especially as a long-term investor it is important to have this topic on your screen, because with the right positioning you can do good and earn a lot of money.

In the German-speaking world, value investor Jochen Wermuth, whom we got to know in an extensive interview, has taken on the subject like no other. Jochen invited us to his conference “Berlin Green Investment Summit” at the beginning of June, where we were able to record many of the presentations on video and also published numerous interviews with guests.

Berlin Green Investment Summit Videos - The Participants
Berlin Green Investment Summit Videos – The Participants

What were our highlights of the conference?

  1. The “Climate Endowment” model wants to use the successful endowment model of Yale and Harvard, for example, to combine a long-term capital investment with CO² reduction. Behind this plan are prominent minds such as former Harvard Endowment CEO Stephen Blyth, former CEO of France’s largest pension fund Philippe Défossès and Mats Andersson, who has long managed a large Swedish pension fund.
  2. The presentation of NexWafe was a real hit for us. The Freiburg-based company seems to have managed to revolutionize solar wafer production. Their wafers should save 50% of CAPEX. In addition, the wafers should be more flexible and thinner, which could open up many new fields of application. If the company is successful as planned, we may have seen the new German world market leader in wafer production here.
  3. The presentations of XNRGI and Primekss also left their mark on us. XNRGI’s technology could be a Gamechanger for battery production. It offers the opportunity to use the infrastructure of the semiconductor production for the production of batteries and to save 95% of the CAPEX. Primekss has developed a concrete manufacturing process that can save CO² and costs.

Now to the videos:

“Make money, do good and have fun!” The greeting of Jochen Wermuth

In his welcoming speech, Jochen Wermuth made it clear how important commitment to the climate crisis is and how more money can be earned through meaningful investment.

Johan Rockström (PIK Director): “Are we at risk of destabilizing the planet?”

In his speech, Prof. Johan Rockström from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research gave an insight into the current state of climate research. He raised the frightening question: Are we at risk of destabilizing the planet?

Best Practise: “How to lead a large investor towards impact”

In this panel, the two former CEOs of leading pension funds Mats Andersson and Philippe Desfossés discuss together with Jan Ståhlberg how to get larger asset managers to position themselves in the direction of impact investing.

“Climate Endowment: Harvard & Yale approach to profitably reverse climate change”

Jochen Wermuth: The Green Industrial Revolution

In his speech Jochen Wermuth gives insights into the processes he calls “Green Industrial Revolution”.

Patrick Horend: The plan of the Climate Endowment

In his presentation, Patrick Horend (Wermuth Asset Management) presents the Climate Endowment Plan and highlights various investment opportunities for the fund. If you are interested in climate endowment, take a look here:

“The Circular Economy – How to stop waste & climate change”

This panel focused on the circular economy and the opportunities to invest in it. Practical examples came, for example, from the construction sector and the rental of electronic equipment.

Company presentations: “How do businesses solve the climate challenge sustainably”

In the context of short presentations, various companies presented themselves that offer exciting potentials for decarbonization with their technologies:

Perenial Paper: Sustainable packaging

Perenial Paper is a start-up that wants to make a contribution to plastics reduction with sustainable packaging.

NexWafe: Efficient solar wafers

NexWafe is a Freiburg-based company that is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute. The production process of NexWafe could offer the potential to reduce the price of solar power per kWh by 20-30%.

XNRGI: Batteries based on semiconductor technology

XNRGI is a Californian company with a potentially revolutionary technology: XNRGI is working on manufacturing batteries based on semiconductor production and could save up to 95% of CAPEX.

Green City Energy: Green Energy from Munich

Green City Energy is a Munich-based company that develops power plant parks with renewable energies and offers renewable electricity. Board member Frank Wolf presented the work of the company.

Greenstone: A digital-disruptive energy supplier

Greenstone is a Berlin-based company working on software to adapt the capabilities of utilities to the renewable energy world. They want to be 10x more efficient:

Primekss: CO² and cost-saving concrete

Primekss has developed a concrete that can save costs and up to 40% CO². Why is it so exciting? The construction sector contributes to many CO² emissions. Primkess concrete could make an important contribution to saving CO² in this sector.

Evening event:

Andy Goldstein (LMU München): Entrepreneurs for future

In this speech, Andy Goldstein from the LMU Entrepreneurship Center presented the plan to win founders* for the fight against climate change.

Berlin Green Investment Summit 2019: The videos
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