As part of the Berlin Green Investment Summit 2019, we were able to conduct a series of interviews with guests and speakers. Leading Impact Investors and former pension fund managers gave exciting insights into their industry.

Ex pension fund manager Mats Andersson about successful Divestment

For many years Mats Andersson has managed the important Swedish pension fund Fjärde AP-fonden. There he gained early experience with a divestment strategy. He was able to reduce the portfolio’s CO² footprint by 50% and achieve a good return.

Former pension fund manager Philippe Desfossés with exciting industry insights

Philippe Desfossés headed the largest French pension fund ERAFP for many years. Through our interview, he gave us insights into his experiences there. This also made it clear why he now finds the idea of Climate Endowment so exciting.

Jan Ståhlberg on the opportunities of impact investing

Jan Ståhlberg is the founder of Trill Impact. He has worked as an investor in the private equity field for many years and is now repositioning himself to take advantage of the opportunities of impact investing:

Dr. Mariana Bozesan on the Climate Endowment

Dr. Mariana Bozesan is also part of the Munich AQAL Group team. We talked to her about the opportunities of the Climate Endowment Project.

Berlin Green Investment Summit 2019: The Interviews
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