Clifford Sosin – also known as Cliff Sosin – from CAS Investment Partners was a very different and at the same time very exciting partner for an interview. We visited him in April 2019 in Westport, Connecticut and did a longer interview about his investment approach and some of his investments.

Cliff has a very concentrated portfolio and therefore invests in only a few stocks. With his investments, however, he has managed an exceptional return: Since 2012 he has achieved an average annual return of over 30%. How did he do it? This and more questions were addressed in our interviews.

Clifford Sosin | Cliff Sosin (CAS Investment Partners)

Clifford Sosin on idea generation and mental models

In the first part of our interview we discussed how Clifford Sosin finds investment ideas. His process for finding investment ideas is less structured than you might think – but find more in that in our videos. We also talked to Cliff about what business models he likes and the importance he attaches to the management of a company.

What’s important in 10 years?

Value investors are characterised by a long-term orientation. It is precisely this long-term orientation that can also be found at Cliff Sosin. He explains that very impressively to us in this interview section. Here you can also learn more about how his investment style has evolved in the past and what his typical daily routine is like.

Why did he invest in Herbalife?

n this section of our interview, Clifford Sosin presents his portfolio. You can learn which positions he holds and understand his investment thesis on Herbalife together with us. Cliff Sosin invested in this stock shortly after Bill Ackmann went short.

Carvana – the largest position of Cliff Sosin (CAS Investment Partners)

Carvana accounts for over 40% of Clifford Sosin’s portfolio. Carvana is an American platform for buying and selling used cars. Here you can find out why Clifford Sosin thinks this company is so good. Furthermore, you can learn why he also shorts stocks.

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