From January 17 to 19, I had the great pleasure to attend the Annual Meeting of Rob Vinall of RV Capital. On site I supported Rob with the production of the livestream and I also took a lot with me personally. In this article you will learn more about my personal highlights.

RV Capital meeting engelberg
The location at the RV Capital Meeting is also great

Andreas Lechner – the secret star of the RV Capital Meeting in Engelberg

I especially liked Rob’s exchange with Andreas Lechner. Andreas spoke here as an investor for the first time in front of a larger group of other investors – and how! It was incredibly entertaining to listen to the two of them on stage. A nice sense of humour was paired with wisdom when investing. Andreas did a lot right as an investor and also showed an impressive performance. So he bought Bijou Brigitte before she multiplied and also joined Microsoft at the right time. You can learn more about Andreas Lechner in this video from the RV Capital Meeting 2020:

What are Rob Vinall’s biggest challenges?

I also got many exciting impressions from the annual Q&A with Rob. So Rob told me what his biggest challenge is at the moment. It is to bring performance for his new investors as well as for the investors who have been invested in his fund since the beginning.

In his Q&A Rob also answers questions about his new investment and his dinner with Charlie Munger. If you want to learn more, take some time and watch this video:

Piet Mouton: It’s easier to make money in South Africa than anywhere else

Rob Vinall has a fine tradition of inviting to his RV Capital Meeting in Engelberg the CEOs of the companies in which he is invested. This time Piet Mouton from the PSG Group was on site. He knows the market of the country in Southern Africa very well. When asked why he is investing there, he gives a very remarkable answer: It is easier to make money there than in London or other western cities. Why do you find out in this video:

What did I learn at the RV Capital Meeting in Engelberg?
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