Best Links – Coronavirus COVID-19 Edition Nr 2

Best Links – Coronavirus COVID-19 Edition Nr 2

Here you will find helpful links to better understand COVID-19 and its economic consequences:

John Hempton outlines his stance on COVID-19 | A corona Q&A with Bill Gates | Watch it again: The next outbreak? We’re not ready | Bill GatesWho is dying from Corona? Some data from ItalyDeath rates seem to be lower

Is this a buying opportunity? | A conversation with Tom Russo | Rob Vinall’s remarks on COVID19 | Bill Miller sees a huge buying opportunity | Bill Ackmann urges on Corona action and tells what he is buying | A very cool talk with SME business owners

A must read: Lack of imagination

The first blind spot, as we have argued in more detail in our institutional research, is that it treats uncertain events – items of unknowable incidence and severity – as if they were risks that could be estimated probabilistically.

Lack of imagination

Beazer Homes might be interesting | Some transactions of Value and Opportunity, some crisis rules and travel ideas | A series on pandaemic profits | A must read: Value Stock Geek is out and sold everything


Looking for ideas? Look at this: 52-week lows, three-year lows, all-time lows

Why was China so good prepared? Learn more here:

Ein Interview mit Virologe Heendrik Streck | Unbedingt reinhören: Der NDR Podcast mit Christian Drosten

Wie positionieren sich ACATIS, DJE und Shareholder Value? | Hendrik Leber im Manager Magazin | Wie AlleAktien mit Corona umgeht | Der DLF diskutiert mögliche Corona Gewinner | Die DJE Marktbetrachtung

Was bedeutet Corona für Bewertungen von Unternehmen?


Value Shares kauf AerCap | Wie Preis und Wert sein Portfolio gerade sieht | DLF zu Pure Storage

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