Best Links – Coronavirus COVID-19 Edition Nr 4

Best Links – Coronavirus COVID-19 Edition Nr 4

NYT: Where America Didn’t Stay Home Even as the Virus SpreadAre the death numbers of COVID-19 in Italy are higher?The Soccer Match that Kicked Off Italy’s Coronavirus Disaster – What is it like to have the virus? You suffer, says Chris Cuomo

“The US response will be studied for generations as a textbook example of a disastrous, failed effort,” Ron Klain, who spearheaded the fight against Ebola in 2014, told a Georgetown university panel recently. “What’s happened in Washington has been a fiasco of incredible proportions.”

The missing six weeks: how Trump failed the biggest test of his life
A must watch: Bill Gates on Corona

Gabelli TV on COVID-19 diagnostic companies – Nassim Taleb: Corporate Socialism: The Government is Bailing Out Investors & Managers Not You – Aswath Damodaran on the Market Breakdown

value and opportunity with a German Shares Update – Mohnish Pabrai on the Uber Cannibals for 2020/21 – Kuppy discusses oil stocks – Forager Funds on Capital raises – Is it a good time to buy some sport stocks?

ValueStockGeek with a Q1 update – Streets of Value as well (he really outperformed)

Tobias Carlisle chats with Tweedy Browne

How is Italy doing? An interview with Massimo Fuggetta:


maiLab – Corona geht gerade erst los

Helmut Fink mit seiner Sicht zu Corona – ProfitlichSchmidlin mit einem Corona und Portfolio Update – Paladin Management ebenso – Frank Fischer mit einem CoronaUpdate – Hendrik Leber: „Buffett wird 50 Milliarden in die Hand nehmen und kaufen

AlleAktien zu Insiderkäufen – Der DLF investiert in Porsche – Behind the Shares mit einer spannenden Depotübersicht

Mein Interview mit dem va-Q-tec Vorstand:

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