Best Corona Links Nr 5 with Javier Ribas & MarketPlunger

Best Corona Links Nr 5 with Javier Ribas & MarketPlunger

SumZero collected the voices of several health care professionals on the virus | Learn more about Anthony Fauci | There Is No Plan for the End of the Coronavirus Crisis | The market doesn’t understand the COVID-19 pain that is coming

Why the Trump Administration Won’t Be Able to Make the Stimulus Work | Glenn Chan with a interesting observation on COVID19 an the markets | We Are Entering Into A New Era Of Inflation. Are You Prepared? | Chris Mayer on quality, inflation and cash

COVID-19: Aviation’s Fight For Survival | Is Air Canada toast? (A good model to evaluate airline stocks) | Why did Berkshire Hathaway sell Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines stock? DAL LUV | Yet Another Value Blog on Airlines

Vlada funds discussing its portfolio holdings | James Montier of GMO: Dare to Be Different (a call for EM) | EastValueResearch on opportunities in Eastern Europe | The latest Jamie Dimon letter | A letter discussing Ryanair, IB, Facebook, Booking, Liberty Broadband | A report on WD40 | Value and Opportunity with an update on his holdings | The MarketPlunger discusses Nintendo and Sony | Swen on 13 investments for a new world

I’m Leaving Google — Here’s the Real Deal Behind Google Cloud

Saj Karsan on Perdoceo | (V) A talk from a differenct time on cruise liners | An indepth view on Berkshire Hathaway in times of Corona | Ennismore on Intertrust | An Dollar Tree analysis | Global Stock Picking on Essex Biotechnology

Eine der besten Artikel zur Coronakrise | Der DLF zur Welt nach Corona

Das Kapitalmarktupdate von StarCapital

Lukas Spang zu SNP und anderen Nebenwerten | DJE zu Technologiewerten | Katjuscha Research mit Osterupdate | Value Shares über Innergex

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