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@valueDACH is our twitter Account. We post interesting content ourselves and regularly retweet the best Value Investor twitter posts from people we follow. It is therefore worth following the twitter account of the Value Investing Community valueDACH.

We would also like to point you to our Twitter lists. We have collected and sorted various Value Investing twitter Accouts for you in our lists. So far, we have created the following lists:

Value Investor twitter – sorted by category

Bekannte Value Investoren: Here you can find the twitter accounts of famous Value Investors. They are a supplement to our Famous Value Investors page in Knowledge for Value Investors.

Blogs & Bloggers – In this list you will find the twitter accounts of bloggers. In addition, you will find many blogs in our blog overview, but also in the blogrolls for the DACH region, Europe and North America.

Branchenspezialisten – We also follow people with industry knowledge. In our list you will find their accounts and their collected knowledge.

Konferenzen & HV – Here you can find the twitter accounts of selected conferences. They complement our overview of Value Investing Conferences & Annual meetings.

Value Investor twitter – sorted by region

Asien | Asia – Here you will find Value Investors from Asia. The current focus of this list is on India.

Australien | Australia – Australia is a comparatively small country, but has an active Value Investing scene. She is also present on twitter.

DACH Region – Our specialty is the DACH region, which consists of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Accordingly we have found some interesting twitterers here. More Value Investors can also be found in our fund overview and in the DACH-blogroll.

Europa | Europe – There are also exciting exchanges in various other European countries. Just check out our list. You can also find other players in our fund overview and the European blogroll.

Nordamerika | N. America – The North American Value Investing scene is the largest and most active in the world. Here you can get an insight into the twitter world. You can also find the blog world in our blogroll.

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