Value Investing Blog AwardIn 2018 we will award the valueDACH Value Investing Blog Award for the first time. A total prize money of €1,500 will be awarded. The award is given by both a public vote and a jury. On this page you will find all important information about the Value Investing Blog Award in our FAQ.

We accept applications from bloggers until 31 July on the page of the Blog Award 2018. As of August 1st, you can also vote for your favourite blog there.

We would be pleased if you share the link to this page and draw the attention of other bloggers to the Value Investing Blog Award 2018. You can also link valueDACH on your blog – our banners can help you. In addition to the blog prize, we also support Value Investing Blogger with other offers.

FAQ on the valueDACH Value Investing Blog Award

Why do we award the Value Investing Blog Award?

Bloggers make an important contribution to the value investing scene. Through their voluntary commitment, they promote exchange and the shareholder culture. They write high-quality articles – but in our opinion receive less attention and appreciation than they deserve. That’s why valueDACH wants to support Value Investing Blogger. With our Value Investing Blog Award, we want to specifically promote Value Investing Blogging in the DACH region.

Value Investing Blog SupportWho can apply?

Application for the award is possible for:

  • Value Investing Bloggers from the DACH region who blog in different languages.
  • Value Investing bloggers who blog in German.

Corporate blogs with interesting content for value investors and without self-promotion are also welcome to apply.

How can I apply for the prize?

You can apply by 31 July using the form on the 2018 Blog Prize page.

Can I suggest a blog for the prize?

We want to make sure that only bloggers who really want it, take part. Therefore, we will only accept direct applications from bloggers. However, you are welcome to point out the award and ask a blogger for an application. We are happy about this support!

What are the prizes?

There are two ways to win. Firstly, there is a public vote. On the other hand, we will award a jury prize.

Audience award

  • Place 1: 500 €
  • 2nd place: 250 €

The two blogs with the most votes win the Audience Award.

Jury award

  • Place 1: 500 €
  • 2nd place: 250 €

The jury will select the winner according to the quality of the content, the design of the blogs and the frequency of publications. The selection of the jury is not contestable.

Who’s on the jury?

In our jury are:

Jury member Frank FischerFrank Fischer

Frank Fischer is CEO of Shareholder Value Management AG, which he has been a member of the Management Board for 13 years. Shareholder Value invests through both funds and listed Shareholder Value Beteiligungen AG. As a value investor, Frank Fischer particularly likes undervalued, owner-managed companies with a lasting competitive advantage. Frank Fischer is also committed to improving corporate governance in German companies. The alignment of interests of long-term investors and management are of particular importance to him. Frank Fischer was named Fund Manager of the Year in 2018 for his outstanding long-term stock performance.

Jury member Dr. Hendrik LeberDr. Hendrik Leber

Dr. Hendrik Leber is Managing Director of ACATIS Investment GmbH, which he founded in 1994. He is one of the German pioneers of value investing and has attended Berkshire Hathaway’s annual general meeting for more than 20 years. In 2017, ACATIS was the first German fund company to add value funds that are managed solely by artificial intelligence. For his many years of outstanding work and his willingness to invest in new technologies and in the further development of the value investing approach, Dr. Leber was awarded the prize for Fund Manager of the Year in 2017. Dr. Leber is also the editor of the book “Great Minds of Investing“, a photographic homage to value investing.

Jury member HendrikHendrik Michels

Hendrik is managing director of a private investment company and organizes the meetings in Berlin at valueDACH. Hendrik is an industrial engineer and – in addition to postgraduate training as a Certified European Financial Analyst – has taught himself the knowledge of fundamental analysis of companies. The Internet and blogs have played a decisive role in this. Value Investing blogs were a great source for him. Accordingly, it is important to him to support others in acquiring value investing knowledge.

Jurymitglied TilmanTilman Versch

Tilman is part of the valueDACH team. At valueDACH, he is responsible for the website and organizes Value Investing meetings. Among other things Tilman has found his way into the world of Value Investing autodidactically. Blogs were important to him from the beginning to inform himself about value investing topics. He still reads many blogs regularly and is very happy to support blogs with the Value Investing Blog Award.

What are the deadlines?

You can apply as a blogger on this page until July 31st at midnight. We will present all applicants there. Therefore, we ask you for a logo of your blog and a short introduction text. The introduction text should be 200 to 300 characters long. The logo should be at least 300 pixels wide.

The vote will start on 01 August. In this phase, every blogger can actively encourage his readers to vote.

The winners will be announced on the valueDACH blog on the weekend of September 15-16. The prize money will be paid out within the following four weeks.

Value Investing BerlinIs there an awards ceremony?

We would be happy to award you the Value Investing Blog Award at the ValueWeekend. The ValueWeekend 2018 will take place in Berlin from September 21 to 23. You can contact us if you want to participate on the ValueWeekend 2018 page. During the ValueWeekend you can network with other Value Investors and discuss your Value Investing topics.

What is the legal framework?

The copyrights to the blogs and their contents remain with the bloggers (editors) and their authors.

The bloggers make sure that the submitted blogs as well as the contents do not violate other rights of third parties or copyright. However, if a blog that violates these rights applies, the blogger (publisher) indemnifies valueDACH from all possible claims of third parties. Furthermore, the submitted blogs and their contents may not be the subject of legal disputes.

By applying for the valueDACH Value Investing Blog Award 2018, valueDACH is granted the right to document the blogs (or articles thereof) for internal communication within the framework of the valueDACH Value Investing Award Prize 2018, to use the content in consultation with the bloggers and, if necessary, to publish and link the names of the publishers or bloggers.

Personal data provided to us in the context of the Blog Award 2018 will be treated confidentially. Further information on data protection can be found in the privacy policy statement.

There are no fees for participation. Legal recourse is excluded. The German version of this text is binding text by law.



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