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Participating Blogs of the Value Investing Blog Award 2018

The following blogs will participate in the valueDACH Value Investing Blog Award 2018:


We are firmly convinced that a generation of successful private investors can grow up in Germany that benefits from the long-term added value of our economy. We publish high-quality company analyses and investment ideas on Alle Akktien so that our readers can become successful shareholders.

Bavarian ValueBavarian Value

On Bavarian Value we show you the “Bavarian Way of Value Investing”. We take you with us on our way as value investors. The topics range from company analyses and psychology to practical tips and tricks for long-term and value-oriented investment.


On everything revolves around German shares. We rely on the visualization of large amounts of data and other unique tools. All analyzers are developed by us and equipped with our own data. In addition, there are editorial articles about domestic small caps.


The motto of my blog is “My own opinion instead of herd instinct” and the website name is the abbreviation of my investment strategy. Covacoro stands for concentration, value, contrarian and rotation. In the blog I share my experiences and knowledge, review books and present interesting shares.

der-contrarianDer Contrarian

Profits are made in purchasing! Or, according to Warren Buffett: “The best time to buy shares is when everyone else is afraid. The contrarian looks for cheap, short term to strongly devalued stock positions and reports about it on his blog.

DIY InvestorDIY Investor

The DIY Investor Value Investing Blog sees itself primarily as a platform for passing on very practical investment knowledge. Among other things, it is about building your own evaluation tools in Excel, tracking your own portfolio or automatically downloading financial data from the Internet.


The EasyWISA-Value Investing Blog regularly discusses various investment topics. This goes beyond general questions such as ‘Where can I get key financial figures’, book presentations and specific company and industry analyses.

FinanzsenfFinanzsenf offers comprehensive and independent stock analyses according to the principles of value investing. The share analyses are offered for download as visually appealing presentations in pdf format and are unique in this form. Practical contributions to the fundamental analysis of equities round off the offer.

Gewinnbringend Investieren

Till Schwalm, author of “Gewinnbringend Investieren- Grundlagen des Value Investing” writes on his blog “Gewinnbringend Investieren” about economic and political topics, financial literature and corporate analysis. He tries to take a left-liberal view of the conservative topic of “value investing”.


The Hamsterradblog is a platform for private investors who want to invest their money long-term in the stock markets. Readers regularly receive fundamental stock analyses and articles on investment topics. The approach of value investing is particularly in focus.

Intelligent InvestierenIntelligent Investieren

“Intelligent Investieren” is about value investing and how it works. How do you use the secrets of success of Buffet, Munger, Graham? And about individual shares, especially German second-line stocks. The blog also lives from the discussions and my goal is for all of us to become even better investors together. Intelligent investors, in other words…

Invest like the BestInvest like the Best

Invest like the Best” gives me an insight into my experience as a private investor who has made many mistakes over 25 years, learned a lot and always gained experience. My blog is about this very personal experience and my insight into the logic of value investing. I hope to help others invest.

Jung in RenteJung in Rente

At Jung in Rente everything revolves around one of the most valuable things in life: Freedom. Freedom to do everything you want, when you want and where you want. But how do you actually become financially free? We’ll show you how to get a regular passive income at a young age thanks to simple stock analysis and dividend focus.


“Anyone who understands what makes a good investor is also a better entrepreneur and vice versa,” says Charlie Munger. Therefore we would like to introduce and illustrate the way of thinking, attitudes and strategies of entrepreneurs, investors and family businesses to you in the Königsinvestor blog.

Preis und WertPreis und Wert

The Preis und Wert share blog shows the view of a private investor on value investing, stock market topics, personal strategy for successful investment and individual shares. A special feature are precise analyses of individual companies and the presentation of investment ideas.

Real Financial DynamicsReal Financial Dynamics

Investing is an art: Real Financial Dynamics introduces you to the depths of company valuation and shows you how to concentrate on the essentials. Get inspired for your investments and discover extraordinary, individual and independent stock analyses from the global investment universe.

Value Investing ChronicleValue Investing Chronicle

The website Value Investing Chronicle deals in detail with the topic of Value Investing. Intelligent investing involves analyzing a company’s fundamental data and can be characterized by an intensive concentration on the price of a share, its intrinsic value and the relationship between the two.

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