The ValueWeekend is our annually Value Investing conference. The conference is organized by Value Investors for Value Investors. It links our Value Investing meetings and is a central part of the valueDACH offering. On this page  you can find an FAQ on the ValueWeekend. Details on the individual conferences can be found here:

FAQ to the Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend

We answer your questions about the Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend in our FAQ:

Who is invited to the ValueWeekend?

The ValueWeekend connects people who have been doing Value investing for years. We want to bring motivated value investors into an exchange with each other. The ValueWeekend is therefore primarily aimed at professional and semi-professional value investors. You should have been investing for some time and have already gained experience with the subject of value investing. After a personal exchange, we are also open to the participation of value investors who only got recently involved but are fully motivated.

What languages are spoken at the ValueWeekend?

The ValueWeekend is aimed primarily at the German-speaking value investing community. If you are English speaking, you are also welcome. Both languages are understood and spoken at the ValueWeekend.

How can I get involved in the Value Investing Conference?

You are invited to actively participate and discuss at the ValueWeekend. All program items are designed in such a way that your questions and issues are in the foreground. Your commitment and knowledge are crucial for the success of our event. Any issues you wish to discuss with us are welcome at the ValueWeekend. For example, we understand your question, your idea, your problem and also your analysis(s) as an issue.

How do we work together at the ValueWeekend?

On Friday we get to know companies on excursions and exchange ideas with experts. This program items offer plenty of room for your questions. On Saturday and Sunday the Open Space Method provides the framework for our cooperation. In Open Space, the agenda is created together at the beginning of the event. We start before an empty schedule, which we fill with your issues and the issues of all participants. After that, we start working on the issues. For this purpose, issue groups are formed. How they work is decided by each group in a self-organized and self-responsible manner. Short protocols with the most important points are written by all issue groups. These will be made available to you during the ValueWeekend. This will give you an overview of all debates. More information about the Open Space process can be found on our Open Space FAQ page.

What do the topics of the issue groups in an Open Space setting look like?

This agenda of the first ValueWeekend in Stuttgart shows you what productive variety of topics is possible through the Open Space Method:

ValueWeekend 2017 schedule - Value Investing Conference

How did the ValueWeekend come about?

The valueDACH Community organizes regular value investing meetings. We meet every two to three months in various cities in the DACH region. There we discuss value investing topics in a relaxed atmosphere. The ValueWeekend was created with the aim of bringing together the participants of the Value Investing meetings. Between the cities where our Value Investing meetings take place the venue place of the ValueWeekend should rotate annually, too.

The dinner of the ValueWeekend 2017 - Value Investing Conference
The dinner of the ValueWeekend 2017

How are the participation fees?

Where Value is written on it, Value should also be in it. For a professional Value Investing conference, we want to offer you a fair price. We avoid unnecessary costs. Many things we organize ourselves and meet there where we find a good price-performance ratio. Most of your contribution will be spent on the meals, the conference buffet and our dinner on Saturday.

How can I register?

The ValueWeekend is a private conference. We are very open to the participation of active and interested value investors. If you are interested in joining us, we look forward to hearing from you. Please use the form on the upcoming ValueWeekend page for this. We will then reply to you promptly.

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