Value Investing Conference Munich

The ValueWeekend 2020 – Value Investing Conference Munich – will take place on 03. and 04. April 2020 in Munich. In April, we will start on Friday afternoon and end on Saturday evening. On Friday and Saturday we work together at an easily accessible meeting place in the city center of Munich.

Open Space on Value Investing

Value investing is the topic of the ValueWeekend. On Friday and Saturday we work on our topic in the Open Space Technology. Through this method, we offer space for the participants’ issues. Everybody has the opportunity to contribute his or her interests and questions on the subject of value investing to the programme.

In Open Space Technology, our programme is based on the issues of the participants. They are collected on site and jointly developed into an agenda. Only after this process, do we know what the agenda for each day is. More information about the Open Space method can be found on this FAQ page.

Interested in the ValueWeekend 2020 – Value Investing Conference Munich?

The ValueWeekend 2020 is a private conference. The Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend is open to the participation of active and interested value investors. If you are interested in the ValueWeekend, please contact us via this form. We will reply as soon as possible.

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