Report on the ValueWeekend 2017 – Value Investing Conference Stuttgart

Stuttgart city - Value Investing Conference StuttgartThe ValueWeekend 2017 – Value Investing Conference Stuttgart – took place in October 2017. It was the premiere for the ValueWeekend, which is an important part of the offerings of valueDACH. More than 20 interested value investors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland gathered in downtown Stuttgart. From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon we had joint excursions and open space workshops. Find ourer report here. You can also read our review and outlook in the valueDACH Blog:

Stuttgart Stock Exchange and S21: Excursions in Stuttgart

In Stuttgart there was an opportunity to get to know the second largest regional exchange in Germany, the Börse Stuttgart. We were able to talk with Richard Dittrich, Head of Customer Care at the Börse Stuttgart, about the tasks and processes at a stock exchange. One of the numerous insights of the exchange was that the Börse Stuttgart recommends itself for private investors in particular through spread-free trading of DAX and M-DAX stocks.

S21 construction site - Value Investing Conference StuttgartIn the Turmforum of the Stuttgart railway station there was an opportunity to inform ourselfs about the Stuttgart 21 railway project. The entertaining tour showed how intensively this major project has moved and divided the Stuttgart region. The 360° view over the city centre of Stuttgart from the top of the Turmforum was also impressive. Afterwards, we took a walk around the building site and saw the construction work around the station from a different perspective. Finally, the day ended with a cozy, Swabian meal.

Two days of intensive debate: Open Space on Value Investing

The Saturday and Sunday of the ValueWeekend 2017 – Value Investing Conference Stuttgart – was designed by the participants’ concerns (topics, questions, problems, challenges, etc.). The Open Space Technology was the framework for this. In total, we selected 27 different topics, which we dealt with in small groups. However, this figure does not include the many issues that have been discussed outside the groups.

The diverse topics we discussed revolved around issues, such as our forecast of the economy, investing in “exotic” countries and blockchain technology. We also discussed individual companies and general process and analysis questions. This overview gives you an impression on the topics we discussed:

ValueWeekend - Topics discussed

In the groups, which were documented by and for the participants, we were able to respond to the respective topics in a committed, flexible and detailed manner. Methodologically, we used a variety of methods: there were numerous discussions in groups. Together we created graphics on flipcharts. In addition, multimedia lectures and PowerPoint presentations were also held and presented.

During the Open Space we used the fresh and healthy buffet for our physical well-being. During lunch, the numerous restaurants in the surrounding area offered a wide choice. On Saturday evening, a highlight rounded off the second day of the ValueWeekend: A great Italian dinner in the west of Stuttgart resulted in full bellies and happy faces.

On Sunday, the end of the weekend was an exchange on the future cooperation. It is our common desire to remain in contact with each other in the future. At the latest at ValueWeekend 2018 – Value Investing Conference Berlin all participants want to see each other again.


Participants’ comments on ValueWeekend 2017

“Thank you very much for the world-class organization and thanks to all of you for the exciting discussions!”

“As Charlie would say: There’s nothing to add! Many thanks to the organizers, but also to all of you for the super interesting discussions! See you next time!”

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