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DACH in Europe

We want to promote the dissemination of value investing knowledge. Our focus is on the DACH region, because valueDACH stands for Value Investing Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Knowledge becomes more when we share it: Different perspectives contribute to a realistic view of reality. Value investing strategies become better through exchange. We can learn from each other’s experiences.

The offers of valueDACH give you different possibilities to share your knowledge with other investors. Here we share our Value Investing knowledge with you. Here we give you an overview of different value investing topics.


Knowledge for Value Investors – Value Investing Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Value investing events, such as the Berkshire Hathaway Annual General Meeting or the valueDACH Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend, offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other value investors and learn about value investing topics. In this part of valueDACH Knowledge we want to offer you an overview of interesting events – especially with our Value Investing calendar. These include conferences, annual general meetings and, of course, the valueDACH Value Investing Meetings.


Value Investing GermanyHere you get an insight into the world of Value Investing: Here we introduce you to various Value Investors and their Value Investing Strategy. You can get to know the people and organizations that invest according to value investing criteria over a long period of time and are thus successful.


The diversity of value investing media is great. You can collect value investing knowledge through countless channels and formats. On YouTube you will find exciting investor channel. TV documentaries offering you insights into companies. With various podcasts you can listen to current economic topics on the go. valueDACH has therefore created an overview of various media for you here. Through this area of valueDACH Knowledge we want to facilitate your access to various media.


Here you will find our collection of value investing tools. We have browsed the web for you and collected great tools. These include, for example, screeners, communities, forums and stock letters or other helpful tools. that we have collected for you in our tool box.



Disclaimer: All information is collected by us on a voluntary basis and kept up to date for you. They may therefore contain errors. We are happy to receive information about errors. We also welcome suggestions for additions or improvements. Just write us via our contact form.

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