Value investing EventAn Value investing event, such as the Berkshire Hathaway Annual General Meeting or the valueDACH Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend, offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other value investors and learn about value investing topics. In this part of the valueDACH Knowledge we want to offer you an overview of interesting events. These include conferences, annual general meetings and, of course, our Value Investing Meetings. On the other pages in this section you can learn more:

Value Investing Event pages

Calendar: Our Value Investing Calendar gives you an overview of interesting Value Investing dates. On the one hand we collect here for you dates of exciting general meetings, interesting conferences and informative congresses. On the other hand, the Value Investing Calendar also provides an overview of valueDACH events. These events are highlighted in colour.

Conferences: Conferences are a great place to learn and share about value investing. The valueDACH Community hosts the annual Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend. The open space format makes ValueWeekend more of an exchange platform than a traditional conference. In addition to the ValueWeekend, there are also a number of other Value Investing conferences. We have compiled these for you in a geographical overview. We have also included a few selected Annual General Meetings in this page.

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