Value Investing ConferencesValue Investing Conferences conferences are a good opportunity to exchange ideas about Value Investing. Lectures can be a very good inspiration for your own work. Questions enable you to broaden your own understanding. During the breaks you can meet new people and make new contacts.

The valueDACH Community organizes the Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend every year. Due to the Open Space format, ValueWeekend is more of an exchange platform than a traditional conference.

In addition to ValueWeekend, there are a number of other Value Investing conferences. Here we have compiled a geographic overview of interesting conferences for you. In doing so, we also took into account a number of selected Annual General Meetings. Shareholders’ meetings of companies with value investing strategies can also be very helpful for the exchange of information.


Value Investing Conferences


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DACH region

In addition to classic value investing events, these conferences in the DACH area are also recommended:

Sometimes a conference table looks like this;) - Value Investing Conferences Other Europe


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