Value Investing MediaThe variety of “Value Investing Media” is great: You can collect Value Investing knowledge through countless channels and formats. YouTube offers exciting investor channels. Television documentaries provide you insights into companies. Via podcasts you can hear the latest economic news on the go. Films give you an insight into historical and current events. Books can help you understand the thinking of other investors and give you deeper insight into your concerns. Exciting companies and strategies are discussed in blogs.

valueDACH has therefore created an overview of the various value investing media for you. Through this area of the valueDACH Knowledge we want to facilitate your access to various media. As always, all information is collected by us on a voluntary basis and kept up to date. They may therefore contain errors. We are happy to receive information about errors. We also welcome suggestions for additions or improvements. Please feel free to contact us via our contact form


Value Investing Media

Blogs: There are a number of excellent value investing blogs on the web. We have compiled and linked them. Thereby, we have differentiated between blogs from the DACH region and from other regions.

Books: Value investing and reading belong together. We have collected a number of bibliographies for you. In the valueDACH Blog we will also present individual books in the future.

Documentation & Series: We went looking. And we have found interesting documentaries and series for you.

Value Investing MediaMovies: Financial and value investing topics are and were often dealt with on film. We have collected some movie tips for you here. Feel free to visit our movie database.

Podcasts: Via podcasts Value Investing you can also listen. Therefore, valueDACH has compiled a number of interesting economic and value investing podcasts for you.

YouTube: YouTube offers a large selection of exciting videos and channels worth following. We searched YouTube for interesting value investing channels. You can find the results on this page and on our YouTube channel. Subscribe!


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