Value Investing Wikifolios

On this page we want to give you an overview of interesting value investing wikifolios. For this purpose we have compiled the profiles of the wikifolio managers here. Wikifolios are a simple tool for Value Investors to implement their own strategies and show them to the world.

Some wikifolios are also run by active members of our community. At our Value Investing meetings you may be able to talk directly to one of the wikifolio managers.

Value investing wikifolios

BavarianValue: This is where the guys from Bavarian Value invest. More details about her wikifolio can be found on her homepage.

Berlondiego: In his Wikifolios, Berlondiego has undervalued shares with a high safety margin. The flagship is thereby Quantitative Value D-A-CH.

clouseau: clouseau has an interesting product with the ESCON Value – Special Situations wikifolio with a good coverage in the blog.

Covacoro: Covacoro operates a wikifolio with a focus on Germany. He reports about it regularly in his blog.

Erntehelfer: The Erntehelfer aka ImperatoM operates several Wikifolios. He informs about its purchases and sales in its sample portfolio in the Wertpapierforum.

Finanzsenf: Thomas Senf from the Finanzsenf blog also runs Wikifolios. In it you can actively follow your investment strategy.

florianbamberg: Florian Bamberg is a financial journalist and a knowledgeable Value Invsetor with his own Wikifolio.

Hartmutson: In his Wikifolio Attila Gelfert works on the implementation of his investment strategy, which he described on his website.

investresarch: Philipp Haas of investresearch has several Wikifolios, which cover different topics and develop very well.

katjuscha: katjuscha focuses on German small caps. The flagship is Katjuscha Research Aktientrading.

Leseptember: Leseptember invests on the basis of a fundamental analysis according to Graham.

Preis und Wert: Tobi of Preis und Wert Aktienblog has several wikifolios. Its flagship product is Preis und Wert Valuedepot. You can find out his deeper thoughts about his investements on his blog.

SysValue:  TVPinvest follows a systematic value approach. The Wikifolio is commented on twitter.

Tom B’s Wikifolio: TomB is active blogger and wikifolio operators with a good track record.

Umberto Bailoni: Umberto keeps you up to date with his Wikifolios via twitter.

ValFexInvest: This Wikifolio by Michael Gubser is based on quantitative value criteria and is rebalanced every three months.

VictorC : Victor of also runs a Wikifolio with a global investment focus.

Feel free to contact us if you think that your wikifolio would be a good addition to this page.

What are wikifolios?

Value Investing Wikifolios

According to wikifolios are: “Wikifolios are virtual portfolios, where private traders, professional asset managers and renowned financial media implement their trading ideas. Each wikifolio can serve as a notional reference portfolio to which a corresponding wikifolio index refers. The Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft issues open-ended index certificates on those that are traded on the Stuttgart stock exchange.From the outset, all transactions in the wikifolio are publicly available and their performance can be followed closely and seamlessly.  If a wikifolio finds enough supporters, an exchange-traded wikifolio certificate can be created based on it in which everyone can invest via their bank or their online broker.”

The content published on this blog is not an investment advice or recommendation. Do your own research. Please take note of our disclaimer.

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