Screening is helpful for searching for stocks and other investment opportunities. There are a number of offers on the market which are freely accessible but also subject to a charge. Here we have collected some helpful Value Investing screening tools and interesting data sources for you. By the way: You can find more tools in the valueDACH Knowledge.

Value Investing Screening Tools & Data Sources

Aktienfinder: The Aktienfinder is a German-speaking screener with some free data. He wants to help you find “true growth stocks.”

Value Investing ScreeningBigCharts: BigCharts offers a collection of long-term charts and fundamental data. This enables you track fundamental developments and charts over a long period of time. Tools: offers a number of excellent tools, which can also be used as Value Investing tools. For instance, the top-flop overview helps track down stocks that have fallen particularly sharply. Perhaps you can find an undervalued stock among them? The stock market map helps to find companies in the DACH region.

FAST Graphs: FAST Graphs is the “Fundamentals Analyzer Software Tool;” a stock research tool that empowers subscribers to conduct fundamental stock research deeper and faster.

Finanzoo GmbH: Finanzoo is a web portal for fundamental stock analysis. In addition, undervalued stocks can be found and compared on the basis of key figures.

iValueInvesting: iValueInvesting is developed by a practitioner who was dissatisfied with the offer of other systems. He uses it to create a tool he would have wanted for his work.

Quant Investing Screener: The Quant Investing Screener is aimed at various groups of investors. Growth, Value, Short Term Momentum, Smart Beta, Net Net and Dividend Investors can use it. The screener offers the search for four factors and has data on many European companies.

The Acquirer`s Multiple :The website The Acquirer’s Multiple offers four screens (Large Cap 1000, All Investable Stock, Small and Micro Cap, Canada All TSX) after registration or subscription.

FinViz: FinViz is a portal with various financial data and visualizations. The offer also includes a screener for US-American titles with some selection options.

FT Equity Screener: The Financial Times Equity Screener obtains its data from Thomas Reuter. It provides data on various countries, sectors and business metrics.


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