We organize a series of Value Investing meetings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. valueDACH is currently meeting in Berlin, Cologne | Düsseldorf, Dresden | Leipzig, FrankfurtHamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich. The meetings are an important part of our offers. If you are interested in a Value Investing meeting, please subscribe to the invitation list on the meeting pages. Then you will receive all our invitations automatically by e-mail.

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FAQ to the Value Investing Meeting

The most important questions about the meetings are answered in the Value Investing meetings FAQ:

Who is invited to the meetings?

Anyone interested in Value Investing is warmly invited to attend the meetings. The valueDACH meetings bring together value investors with different backgrounds and experiences. There are full-time investors as well as students. Our guests include career changers as well as fund managers. Usually we have 5 to 15 participants.

How do the meetings go?

Value Investing meeting The Value Investing meetings are held very open. We strongly orientate ourselves on the ideas of the Open Space Method: We at valueDACH organize the most pleasant setting possible. The setting can be filled with requests of you and the other guests. At the meeting, you decide what you want to talk about. You are free to choose your conversation partners. If you notice that you need a new impulse, it is also perfectly fine to look for new discussion partners in the group.

How do I register for meetings?

On this page, but also on the pages of the meetings in Berlin, Cologne | Düsseldorf, Dresden | LeipzigFrankfurtHamburg Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich., you will find the next dates. On the German version of meetings pages you can register for the next meeting under “Reservierung”. After your registration you will receive a short confirmation mail. Your reservation helps us to plan the meetings and to reserve enough seats. Therefore, we always ask you for a reservation.

How long do the meetings last?

We usually start on a weekday between 18:00 and 20:00 hours. The end is open. It usually lasts the whole evening. We are happy to have you around all the time. But it’s also okay if you can only come later or must leave earlier. Please let us know in advance, if you can join us later. It helps us to plan.

Where do the meetings take place?

Meetings usually take place in a bar or a restaurant. The location is easily accessible by public transport and very often close to the train station. We therefore recommend using public transport for arrival and departure.

What are the costs?

Participation in the Value Investing meetings is usually free of charge. Should costs for participation arise, these are explicitly stated on the meetings page. You must pay for your travel expenses, food and drinks and other costs yourself.

How often does a Value Investing meeting take place?

The Value Investing meeting in your city usually take place every 2-3 months. After some learning we came to this rhythm. In the time before and after the Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend, there are usually no meetings.

There is no meeting in my area. What can I do?

If you want to organize a Value Investing meeting in your city, feel free to contact us. We are happy to support you in this issue.

valueDACH NewsletterWhy do I also receive the valueDACH newsletter when I subscribe to the invitation list of a meeting?

On the one hand, our offers are closely interlinked. Our Value Investing Conference ValueWeekend is created for the visitors of our meetings. Through the valueDACH newsletter we want to give you an insight into the big picture from time to time in some mails. On the other hand, we want to make it easy for you. With only one entry you get all important information from our community. If you do not want to receive the valueDACH newsletter, you can unsubscribe after each newsletter.

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