On this page we present the ValueTag Conference in a FAQ. The ValueTag is our conference for professional value investors. If you want to learn more about ValueWeekend, our conference for value enthusiasts, click here.

FAQ on the ValueTag Conference

ValueTag Conference in Frankfurt, Germany

Who is the ValueTag aimed at?

The ValueTag is primarily aimed at professional value investors. This is also one of the reasons why the conference is held in Frankfurt am Main.

How do we work together at the ValueTag?

The ValueTag begins in the evening with a networking dinner. During or after the dinner a KeyNote Speech will be held by a selected Value Investor. Afterwards there will be room for questions.

The next day, the Open Space method provides the framework for our cooperation. In Open Space, the agenda is created together at the beginning of the event. We start before an empty schedule, which we fill piece by piece with your requests and those of all participants. Then we start working on the requests. For this purpose, groups of requests are formed. How they work is decided by each group in a self-organized and self-responsible way. Short protocols with the most important points are drawn up by all groups. These will be made available to you during the ValueTag. This gives you an overview of all debates. More information about the Open Space can be found on our FAQ page.

How can I contribute to the ValueTag Conference?

At the ValueTag you are invited to participate actively. All program items are designed in such a way that your questions and requests are in the foreground. Your commitment and your knowledge are decisive for the success of the event.

All requests you would like to discuss with us on the topic of value investing are welcome. We understand your question, your idea, your problem and also your analysis(s) as a request.

What are the topics of the request groups in an Open Space like?

Since the ValueTag is taking place for the first time, we cannot yet provide any information on this. This agenda for the first ValueWeekend in Stuttgart, for example, will show you the productive variety of topics made possible by the Open Space method:

A possible sample of topics

How many ValueTage have there been? What dates are planned?

The first ValueTag takes place in 2019. More conferences are planned for the coming years.

What languages are spoken at ValueTag?

The ValueTag is primarily aimed at the German-speaking Value Investing Community. English-speaking Value Investors are also welcome.

How can I register?

The ValueTag is a private, invitation-only conference. If you are interested in attending, please contact us using the form on the next ValueTag page. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

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